Your online reputation matters!

Manage your online reputation from one place, be found by customers through accurate listings, and see what's being said about your business online.

Take control of your online brand

Reputation Management allows you to take control of your online presence by allowing you to correct your business listings, monitor and manage reviews, observe what competitors are doing, and much more.

Features of the Reputation Management Tool

Review monitoring

Manage all your reviews from one place. Monitor all your customer feedback from 100+ sites, and receive email alerts for each new review. Filter by source and star rating to see the most critical reviews.

Review management

Respond directly to reviews from the dashboard. Streamline review responses with intelligent response suggestions that come ready to use. Address every review and keep happy customers engaged or acknowledge issues quickly.

Respond directly to reviews from the dashboard

Get business insights using artificial intelligence. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to analyze online reviews and get insights you might have missed. Easy-to-understand analytics help you make smart business decisions to grow your business!

Mentions monitoring

Scan the web for every mention, good and bad. Reputation Management Pro searches every nook of the web, including blogs, news sources,  and social media networks and finds every mention of the business. Enjoy the praise of positive mentions and respond to the negative.

Listings monitoring & management

Be found everywhere customers are searching. See everywhere you’re listed, and everywhere you’re not, no manual effort is required! Ensure you can be found everywhere potential customers are looking.

Competition monitoring

Ensure your business is top of mind for customers. Leverage competitive insights to help get ahead. Compare your business’s reputation with market
leaders to help strive for continuous improvement.

Review Display Widget

Use real reviews to get more customers. Allow happy customers to do the talking and help increase trust and boost sales! Display real customer testimonials on your website or share glowing reviews to social networks.

Google Q&A monitoring

Be the first to answer public questions. Engage with Google Q&A to boost online presence and increase customer engagement. Ask and answer questions right from the dashboard to stay on top of the highly-visible channel.


The reputation of a business is both what they say about themselves and what others say about them. Managing reputation is nothing new; what’s new is how the internet and social media have changed the way businesses are being defined and how fast their reputations spread.

Presence management is making sure that customers can find the right information about a business online. Correct and consistent listings across directories, review sites and social networks is crucial.

With over 33 million local reviews on Yelp alone, it’s clear that customers are sharing their opinions online. Seventy-two percent of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal referrals, so whether it’s a testimonial, a detailed article on someone’s blog, or an offhand comment on Twitter, people are now chatting 24/7—and local business owners need to be paying attention.

Get Free Assessment

The Snapshot Report is a marketing needs assessment that uncovers a business’s performance in seven key categories: business listings, reviews, social media, website, advertising, SEO, and eCommerce.

Get Free Assessment

The Snapshot Report is a marketing needs assessment that uncovers a business’s performance in seven key categories: business listings, reviews, social media, website, advertising, SEO, and eCommerce.

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